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Golden Eagle Release
October 14, 2014


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01 Arrival.JPG
02e Arrival.jpg
03e Arrival.jpg
04 Frank.JPG
05e Hood for Morgan.jpg
06e Colleen & Morgan.jpg
07e Colleen & Morgan.jpg
08e Colleen & Morgan.jpg
09e Frank, Anna, Colleen & Morgan.jpg
10 Frank, Anna, Colleen & Morgan.JPG
13e White Feathers Indicate Juvenile.jpg
15e White Tail Feathers.jpg
17e Equal Length of Feathers Indicates 1 year-old.jpg
18e Banding.jpg
21e Banding.jpg
22e Native American Blessing.jpg
23 Preping.JPG
28e Colleen & Morgan.jpg
30e Release.jpg
31e Flight.jpg
32e Flight.jpg
33e Flight.jpg
34e Flight.jpg
35e Flight.jpg

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