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Alaska 2003: Day 8 - Sitka: Former Russian Capital
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I'm workin' on it already.
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We woke to rain and anchored in Sitka. No matter. Off we go... Kathy and Bill go kayaking in a small, scenic inlet while Mom does a little shopping. Bear Totem
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Alright already.
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After lunch, the three of us took a tour of Sitka starting with a State (or National) park with a nice totem pole walk.
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The earlier shot of the cruise ship was actually taken near here. Check out the dog house. (Click the pic.) They either grow their dogs really big here or can't tell the difference between a dog and a bear! After driving through town to the island airport, we saw eagles in front of fish processing plants.
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At the next stop, The Alaska Raptor Center, we saw the magnificent birds close up. Meet Volta. Volta was rescued after flying into power lines. Finally back at our origin, we see traditional Russian dancing. Select the picture to see more.